G Announcement Of BLACKPINK Project Fails To Impress Fans

What does YG Entertainment have in store for BLACKPINK?
2020 will no doubt be a crucial year for not just BLACKPINK but all YG Entertainment affiliated artists including BIGBANG, iKON, WINNER, and etc.
They must be preparing something right? They’ve had the worst possible year in 2019 with SeungRi leaving BIGBANG and their head Yang HyunSuk embroiled in a variety of scandals.
It seems like they’re busy planning on a new project involving dolls with BLACKPINK.

The girl group’s fandom BLINK haven’t been too impressed by the news. It seems that they were expecting a tour, a full-length studio album that they’ve been waiting for since forever, and etc.
Below are some of the reactions from fans.
 So clearly, no more merch and goods for now. Doesn’t seem to be what fans want at the moment.
But on a side note, the dolls do seem quite cute. Hopefully, YG Entertainment intends to produce more music for BLACKPINK, who have barely any songs to perform at their own concerts despite all of them being chart smashing hits.
Stay tuned for updates.

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