YoonA, Shin Se Kyung & Lee Yeon Hee for Vogue Girl's 10th anniversary issue

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, popular fashion magazine "Vogue Girl" has featured three female celebrities as "Girl Icons" for its upcoming March issue.

Having a Korean celebrity as its cover girl for the first time, "Vogue Girl Korea" selected Girls' Generation's Yoona, as well as actresses Shin Se Kyung and Lee Yeon Hee.

In the photos, the ladies each exhibit different charms. Yoona looks chic and confident, while Shin Se Kyung exudes alluring vibe. Lee Yeon Hee gives off her doll-like charm and delicate beauty. 

"Vogue Girl" will have three different editions of their March issue, and will span 24 pages each featuring a different “Girl Icon.”

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