BLACKPINK Could Be Getting Their First Full Album Very Soon

blackpink stephan colbert
This August it will have been 3 years since BLACKPINK debuted. While the girl group has sold out world tours at the speed of light, broke and set a number of records, become the top girl group, and stolen everyone’s heart,  there is one thing that the group hasn’t done yet and that’s release a full album.

BLACKPINK has released numerous singles, EPs, a mini-album, and a Japanese studio album so far in their career but a full album hasn’t been released yet.
Lately, fans have been asking YG Entertainment to give them an update on BLACKPINK’s work. For the past couple of months, there’s been a rumor that the girl group will be having a comeback as well as releasing an album in the beginning part of this year. While BLINKs don’t really mind waiting for the group’s music because they know it’s going to be amazing when it finally drops, they’ve been wondering if these rumors are true.

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