ITZY Officially Becomes The Fastest K-Pop Girl Group To Win No.1 On Music Program After Debut

K-Pop idol girl group rookies ITZY just set an amazing new record. In just nine days after their debut on February 12th, they got their very own first place win on a music program.
Some K-Pop groups have been around for years but still haven’t managed to win one while some literally took them their entire career just to win one.
However, these girls did it in just barely over a week.
Just recently on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ ITZY were announced as the first place winners with a score of 8527, beating out MAMAMOO member Hwasa who came in second with a score of 7882.
itzy m countdown
itzy m countdown
                                                                                    Image: Mnet
Congratulations ITZY!

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