Fans Suspect K-Pop Idol Sisters ITZY ChaeRyeong & IZ*ONE ChaeYeon Are Filthy Rich

chaeryeong chaeyeon

ITZY member ChaeRyeong and IZ*ONE member ChaeYeon are currently some of the most popular K-Pop idols that fans are talking a lot about right now not just because they are both members of the latest idol groups that managed to achieve enormous success upon debut but also because of clues that hint that they may come from a very rich family.
Why are fans suspecting that the two idol sisters are loaded?
Photos uploaded on the idols’ Instagram showed their crib in the background, and everyone has been saying the same thing: their house looks like one of those chaebol (South Korean upper class) houses that come out in K-dramas.
You can check the photos out below!
izone chaeyeon house
izone chaeyeon house
As you can see from the photos, their house is very spacious and is decorated in fine interior. The house definitely has the palace vibes shown in K-dramas!

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