4 Reasons Why Fans Think TWICE Tzuyu Is Actually A Very Rich Girl

twice tzuyu
So let’s talk about TWICE member Tzuyu. She has the visuals of this generation in K-Pop, the personality, and the talent. But wait, she also has the cha-chings? Fans believe so.
On a recent episode of ‘Rumor Has It’, Tzuyu was the subject of discussion as someone who did not necessarily have to make it as an idol in order to live like an idol, meaning, she didn’t have to train hard in JYP and practice choreography to become famous.
The first reason why people believed Tzuyu’s family is rich was because her parents has a very lucrative night market business, which most likely brought them incredible wealth

In addition, her parents are smart investors as well. According to the show, her parents have  invested around $1.77 million into three hospitals located in Taiwan. And we all know how lucrative the medical industry is.
But it doesn’t just end there. Her mother set up another business in the cosmetic surgery industry.

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