Complete Guide to Landscape Photography with Wide Angle Lenses

This guide will show you creative options that wide-angle lenses provide in landscape photography. The targeted group of photography tips is for anyone who is interested in establishing greater depth, shooting panoramas, shooting landscapes at night, or introducing intentional distortion with wide-angle lenses. It also provides simple guidelines for more effective images, and helps photographers find new uses for this great piece of gear.

1:21 Overview of wideangle lens photography
2:38 Creating a grand landscape image with a wide-angle lens
11:15 Creating images with a strong foreground using wide-angle lenses
20:14 Creating a path for the eye by establishing depth
28:09 Understanding how wide-angle lenses distort
35:30 Using a wide-angle lens at night
41:09 Shooting panoramas with a wide-angle lens
47:09 Conclusion

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