Complete Guide to Intimate Landscape Photography

While grand landscape photography captures the beauty of a large scene, intimate landscape photography focuses on small, unique parts of that landscape and extracts from the overall scene. During this course, Bill recommends equipment for getting started with landscape photography. He talks about image composition, the importance of texture, and how he uses lines of direction when composing his photos. In later lessons, Bill takes viewers into his digital darkroom to talk about his favorite processing techniques and software. Follow along as Bill teaches photographers how to find, compose, and create wonderful, intimate landscape photographs.

1:38 Equipment
6:01 Leading Lines
10:18 Old Grist Mill
19:55 Church Grounds
27:48 Cabin in the Woods
34:54 Water in Motion and Icicles
39:45 Extraction
43:11 Image Processing
47:10 Saturation
50:59 Nikon Capture NX2
55:29 HDR Photo
1:01:34 Conclusion

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